Underdogs. Upstarts. Bleeding hearts. Visionaries. Talented, hard working folks. You’re passionate about making an impact on the world around you.

I believe that people striving for positive change deserve clear, attractive design that amplifies their mission.

My approach seeks to uncover the essence of your mission or offer, while exploring fresh and purposeful visuals.

I improve the quality of your communication by working with you to figure out the right visual representation of your brand, and express it with impact across many different touch points.

Areas of Expertise

Visual Identity

Distinctive logo design that identifies

integrated Branding

Cohesive visual design that attracts

Interactive Design

Impactful web design that connects

In roles at various design companies, I've spent over a decade helping to build better brands for nonprofits, businesses, and government. I'm passionate about using design to help other people succeed.

I was born and raised in tropical Indonesia, came of age in small town USA, then found love in Washington, DC. I currently live in Pittsburgh, PA with my lovely wife, two cute kids, and lots of plants.