Underdogs. Upstarts. Bleeding hearts. People striving for change deserve impactful design.

Hi, I'm Nate.

Like many clients I've worked with, I'm passionate about making an impact. I love using creativity to help inspire change in their organizations.

In roles at various design companies, I've spent 15 years helping to build better brands for companies, government, and nonprofits.

By day, I'm a design director at Wall-to-Wall Studios, a branding and design firm in Pittsburgh, where live with my lovely wife, two cute kids, and lots of plants.

By night, (when I'm not chasing after the kids) I help a select few organizations with their branding and marketing challenges.

My Philosophy

See different perspectives

Investigate a problem from different points of view. There are many ways to a solution.

always be learning

Every challenge offers an opportunity to continue to improve and learn something new.

Find the Win/Win

Strive to help clients, end users, fellow designers and colleagues find their path to success.

Areas of Expertise

Brand Design

Campaign Design

Web design

Additional Capabilities

UI Design

Brand Design

Digital Ad Campaigns


Ad Campaigns


Look at the big picture

Care for the details

Help others succeed

Always be learning