Underdogs. Upstarts. Bleeding hearts. Visionaries. Talented, hard working folks. You’re passionate about your dreams, I’m passionate about helping you build them.

The future of your business does not depend on a logo. It requires understanding of what you stand for, and making that visible to the people that care about it most. That means telling your story in a way that creates an emotional connection with people. Therefore I believe helping you form your brand is one of the most important ways I can help you move forward.

What I Do

As a designer and consultant with over a decade of experience, I'm passionate about bringing a cohesive brand to life across many different touch points.

About Me

Nate Fussner

I was born and raised in tropical Indonesia, came of age in small town USA, then found love in Washington, DC. I currently live in Pittsburgh, PA with my lovely wife, two cute kids, and lots of plants.

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