Underdogs. Upstarts. Bleeding hearts. Visionaries. Talented, hard working folks. You’re passionate about your dreams, and I’m passionate about helping you achieve them.

To get where you want to go you need clarity, insight, and an outside perspective. Someone who can understand your mission, the people you serve, and the unique value that you provide to them.

Who I Am

Nate Fussner

Nate Fussner
Brand Designer in Pittsburgh, PA

In roles at various design companies, I've spent over a decade helping to build better brands for nonprofits, businesses, and government. I'm passionate about using design to help other people succeed.

I was born and raised in tropical Indonesia, came of age in small town USA, then found love in Washington, DC. I currently live in Pittsburgh, PA with my lovely wife, two cute kids, and lots of plants.

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